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We can help you simplify operations by processing your payroll, remit tax payments, make direct deposits, prepare reports, and update employee records.

We can assist you in saving overhead cost and time while reducing risk. We use leading-edge software solutions to administer payroll and your employees will have easy access to our user-friendly portal.

Our programs are flexible and interface with most accounting software systems resulting in timely and accurate reporting. We have professional accountants to answer your questions and offer ongoing support.

Your managers and employees will love our easy-to-use payroll interface.

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Payroll Processing Services

  • Process new hire employees

  • Automate time and attendance tracking and reporting

  • Process payroll on your schedule: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

  • Distribute checks or make direct deposits

  • Collect, file, and pay federal, state, and local taxes

  • Customize reporting per your requirements

  • Prepare and distribute W2 reports

  • Set up tracking and reports for OT and PTO

  • Process garnishments, levies, and child support payments

  • Maintain accurate employee records

  • Provide 24/7 online access to managers and employees


Chorus HR Payroll Specialists

We have a team of Certified Payroll Specialists to manage and process your payroll effectively and efficiently. Our focus is on SIMPLICITY, from easy client payroll input options, automated systems, to easy-to-understand reports and accurate payments, tracking, and filing services.

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