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Full-Service and Individualized Human Resource Solutions

Whether you need a full-service HR Solution or Individualized Solution, we can help you streamline your operations. From recruiting and onboarding to providing benefit packages, payroll services, workers’ comp, retirement plans, safety training, and maintaining all employee records. We make HR Outsourcing easy and convenient.

Our software is cloud-based, easily accessible 24/7 from any device, and provides easy-to-understand reports.

Through our partners, we offer all types of insurance policies with major carriers and make re-enrollment easy and cost-effective. Our team will analyze your operations and objectives and assess how much coverage is required for optimum cost and reduced risk.

All employee records are easily accessible, up-to-date, and accurate. We craft employee handbooks, generate required government documentation, and help you manage risk. Chorus HR is always available to guide and support your company through all aspects of human resource administration.


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HR Outsourcing Services

Chorus HR Group will manage your Human Resource requirements with a custom-tailored plan. We can provide full-service or individualized plans that grow with your business. Whether you’re looking for human resource outsourcing for small, midsize, or large business, we’ve got it covered with scalable, comprehensive HR solutions.

  • Electronic Onboarding

  • Employee record keeping

  • Craft Employee Handbooks and job descriptions

  • Collect, file, and remit payroll taxes

  • Government compliance measures

  • Lower risk of employee complaints and legal issues

  • Improve communication between management and employees

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