Are You Wasting Money in Payroll Inefficiencies?


Automated Time and Attendance

According to the American Payroll Association, the average hourly employee cheats their employer out of anywhere between 50 minutes and four and half hours by showing up late, leaving early and taking extended lunch and break periods.

Time and attendance software systems help eliminate time theft issues and make operations more efficient. Payroll departments can save time by relying on accurate data rather than wasting time fixing manual errors made by employees and often reminding employees to submit time sheets so they can process payroll.

Employee hours can be uploaded and integrated directly into the payroll system. This functionality saves time and minimizes errors in deciphering hand written time sheets and keying in entries.

Accurate time and attendance systems also help employees avoid tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming manual completion of time sheet records just to get paid. They can save time and get more done by doing the job they were hired to perform.

Finally, accurate records lead to better reporting in how much time it actually takes to perform certain jobs, complete tasks, or produce products. This helps management to be more precise in resource management, job costing, and productivity.

Investing in time and attendance systems will improve efficiency, minimize errors, and provide better reporting of actual costs. That makes it a solid investment with an abundance of benefits.

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